Ripple | 2019

Glitch-ing colors in a repetiting diagonal system. The structure of the works are almost the same as in the Grid series, and also a continuation of it but of course colors are making different emphasis.
There is an initial image with color pixels – just like in Led series – but here I sliced up that image, and placed it onto its exact copy what I rotated 3 degrees. These layers makes the final image what the lenticular lens disorts and moves. Inspirations comes from the stuctures of digital glitch. The objects of this series compared to the other lenticular ones shows all scenes of the "animation" at the same time but in a different phase.

Zsuzsanna Kóródi's pieces are all about kinetic movements, and illusions due to the optical properties of glass.
You can find her work in galleries in Europe and USA. 
Living and working in Budapest, Hungary.